Spring Boot Template helps you develop Spring Boot apps faster providing a project template where the most common tasks and widely adopted libraries are already implemented and configured

Advantages? Save development time, save development money

See the list of topics covered by Spring Boot Template here

What & Why

What is it? Spring Boot Template is a complete running out-of-the-box Spring Boot application project.

Why should you use it? Spring Boot helps you develop applications, but there are a lot of different libraries adopted by almost any web project that are not trivial to configure and a lot of tasks that get reimplemented any time: Spring Boot Template simplifies and reduces development time providing an already running out-of-the-box Spring Boot project where a lot of libraries are already integrated and configured (Spring Security, JPA, etc…) and common tasks already implemented (such excel and cvs import/export, pdf generation from html templates, etc…), plus some “edge cases” covered with examples (such as JPA entity primary and foreign key relationship) which you hardly find explained in documentation and tutorials.

SpringBootTemplate is a complete and running Spring Boot application, provided with full sources and documentation and you can customize and modify it to your needs!

With Spring Boot Template you get the full source code and not an external and closed library!

See the list of topics covered by Spring Boot Template here