This is a list of some of the features and topics that are implemented and integrated in Spring Boot Template

  • Spring security for web layer (implementations of form login, logout, registration and rememberMe, password management and multiple or single session login) with different user roles
  • Spring Security additional authentication for API layer with example of a custom token authentication (login, token expiration and token authentication per request)
  • User impersonification (admin can impersonificate other users)
  • Different user roles with different authentication redirects
  • Thymeleaf templating engine integration
  • Thymeleaf layout dialect integration and examples
  • Profile based configuration property files
  • Log4j2 integration
  • Static resources caching management (even with Spring Security)
  • Request handlers and Session handlers examples
  • Flashvars usage examples
  • Spring Data JPA integration (using repositories)
  • Spring JDBC Template integration (with both JPA integration configured)
  • JPA native queries example
  • JPA entities with simple and composite keys
  • JPA entities with foreign keys relationship where primary key contains or is also a foreign key
  • Programmatic transaction rollback examples
  • Flywaydb integration and examples for schema migrations
  • Mail sending using dynamic thymeleaf templates
  • File upload ajax based with progress information
  • Programmatic File download examples
  • CSV library integration
  • XLS library integration
  • PDF library integration
  • Creation and download of CSV and XLS file examples
  • PDF file generation from dynamic thymeleaf templates (with font and image embedding examples)

Extra bonus: you will find also push-to-deploy sample scripts to let you configure your application so you can easily execute deploy via git push!